The Founder

Mehdi Pirooznia

CEO, Travel Tactix

Mehdi, a seasoned veteran from Wego, brings a treasure trove of travel tech experience to Travel Tactix. His leadership journey is enriched further as a key figure at Rocket Internet, where he lent his expertise to five startups, both as a strategic consultant and hands-on manager. A recognized expert in launching new ventures, particularly in emerging markets, Mehdi has a knack for navigating the complex terrains of startup ecosystems and leading them towards scalable success.

Now at the helm of Travel Tactix, Mehdi’s vision is to meld innovative strategies with enduring partnerships, fostering ventures that not only succeed but leave a lasting imprint in the tourism and hospitality sector. Under his guidance, we’re not just adapting to the dynamic shifts in destination marketing but leading the charge, setting new benchmarks of excellence and innovation.

Feel free to connect with Mehdi or any member of our adept team. Let’s set forth on a journey of collaborative growth and shared triumph, propelling your brand into realms of unmatched success and visibility.



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